Vassilis Millionis and His View of Chances to Invest in the Region of Southeast Europe

For many years, countries in the area of Southeast Europe were considered the second class compared with their neighbors like the UK, France, Germany, and more. Their popularities are indeed still below
them. Besides, their political, social, and economic conditions are also under the shadows of other bigger countries.
However, it doesn’t mean that countries like Albania, Bulgari, Bosnia, Croatia, and others don’t have a chance to be developed in the future. Some of them even have big potentials including Serbia, Albania, and Montenegro. Investors should see it as big opportunities to grow their assets as well as help the countries to be generally developed.
Vassilis Millionis, a prominent Green entrepreneur, also brings insight of how good the future of the countries is. In his interview, he stated that despite the uncertain condition in Southeast Europe or SEE6, there are still chances in some countries. Albania, Montenegro, and Serbia successfully had economic growth up to 2.2% in 2015 and 2.7% in 2016. The number is averagely higher than other countries in the area that can only obtain less than around 1.9%.
However, although investing money and assets in the region of Southeast Europe is promising. Millionis added that there are some matters to think about to minimize risks. Political situations in these countries are not very stable. It is also the main reason why investors may feel doubtful to plant their assets there.
To solve the problem, checking the latest condition of the country is helpful to minimize the risks. Some issues that often blow up in Southeast Europe countries are around high unemployment, weak business management, bad public service, and the low level of trust in the government. The good news is that some countries currently manage to fix them all.
Another suggestion from Millionis is to focus on the private sectors. Countries with higher economic growth can make such an achievement because their private sectors are well-developed. They can manage their labor markets, public wages, and more. So, to begin your investment in Southeast Europe, you can start from those countries, said Millionis.
About Vassilis Millionis
Vassilis Millionis is a successful Greek entrepreneur. He is well-known with an investment company namely Filia Investments LTD. The company has worked on many projects and the net worth is more than 16 million Euros. Most of the company’s projects are around the areas of hotels and apartments. Currently, he focuses on researching Southeast Europe as a promising region for investment.