Vassilis Millionis and His Perspective of the Real Estate Market during Pandemics

2020 is considered a hard year in many business sectors including real estate. The Covid 19 pandemic has made governments announce new rules. Some of them are lockdown and physical distancing that bring consequences including the decline of people’s income. Since many people must face difficulties even for eating, it is reasonable if the real estate market cannot run well.
But when many people show their pessimistic views about the situation, it seems that Vassilis Millionis has a different perspective. Vassilis Millionis is a Greek businessman who focuses on the sectors of real estate and properties. by running a company, Filia Investment LTD, he has worked on various projects like hotels, apartments, and others.
It doesn’t mean that Millionis doesn’t feel the effects of Covid-19 at all toward his business. He only decides to see it more wisely. According to him, property businesses and real estate markets are still promising although it is indeed not now the time. But later, when the situation is getting better, it is one of the sectors that grow fastest.
Millionis even compares the industry with products like the iPhone. It is not that people don’t want to deal with its market. It is just them waiting for the right time to make a movement. Now, they are just forbidden to do actions because of strict rules published by governments. Sure, as a good citizen, all of us must obey them as a way to prevent worse conditions happening.
Therefore, Vasilis Millionis suggests people not to feel burdened or pessimistic because of the situation. Now, it is even the right time to develop strategies to improve business even more.
Optimizing to use communication facilities like the internet is also recommended to save business life now. With technology humans have right now, Millionis said that people should not worry about making moves. Even selling a house right now is a great decision because the asset is predicted to multiply when the pandemic is over. Property is still one of the best investments, whether or not, there is a pandemic.
About Vassilis Millionis
Vassilis Millionis is a successful Greek entrepreneur. He is well-known with an investment company namely Filia Investments LTD. The company has worked on many projects and the net worth is more than 16 million Euros. Most of the company’s projects are around the areas of hotels, apartments, and fancy tourist facilities. He is well-known with his optimistic perspectives in the area of business and investment.