Vassilis Millionis and His Insight of Global Finance during Pandemic

2020 has many surprises for the world. The biggest one is the Coronavirus pandemic that makes many countries suffer from economic problems. The condition forces them to do some extreme steps including lockdown and physical distancing. Of course, the effect is negative for the economic sector since many business areas cannot work normally.
Uniquely, the condition seems not to give so many impacts to Vassilis Milionis. Vassilis Milionis is a Greek entrepreneur who runs some projects with a total worth of more than 16 million Euros.
The projects were initially spreading around Greece with a specific program called the gold visa.
Millionis established a company, Filia Investment LTD that is involved in property projects including hotels and holiday apartments in famous places like Crete. Those properties are developed along with
facilities like shopping centers, restaurants, sports centers, parks, and more. Investment in the sector of high-class tourism is indeed his dream since many years ago. Moreover, he claimed that the sector is highly demanded as tourism is a part of the modern lifestyle.
But with the attack of Coronavirus, does Millionis’ business still survive? Surprisingly, it is yes. The entrepreneur seems to manage his company and business very well so that the damage is not felt too significantly. He suggests his fellow entrepreneurs still do efforts to survive even if the situation is getting worse.
Millionis stated that business and economy are fundamental in a country so that it is possible to stop it completely no matter how the condition is. More importantly, it is very important to be adaptive to the chaotic situation. Bad effects are always there but they can be good opportunities also for businessmen to create and develop something new.
Additionally, Vasilis Millionis also mentioned that all people involved must still support the government’s economic policies. It is one of the keys to surviving in this global pandemic. Based on his
view, business is also not only a tool to gain profits. More importantly, it must also give a contribution to the surrounding community. So, when the economy declines, it is a job for entrepreneurs to help the country.
About Vassilis Millionis
Vassilis Millionis is a successful Greek entrepreneur. He is well-known with an investment company namely Filia Investments LTD. The company has worked on many projects and the net worth is more than 16 million Euros. Most of the company’s projects are around the areas of hotels, apartments, and fancy tourist facilities.