Vassilis Milionis tips on How to Sell in Second-home Markets

A Greece entrepreneur, Vassilis Milionis, sharing his tips on how to sell in second-home markets. Vassilis also owns Filia Investments LTD. The company makes investments in a 5-star hotel in Crete, Greece.

Greek Investor and serial entrepreneur Vassilis Milionis, started to invest in a 5-star hotel as his long term investment options. The Filia Estate, a 5-star hotel and holiday apartment, becomes the new luxury tourism project worth around 16 million euros. Vassilis Milionis states he wants to build a luxurious hotel with complete facilities that will attract a lot of people and enhance the country’s tourism sector. He said that his 5-star hotel and holiday apartment is equipped with complete facilities. The facilities include gorgeous dining areas, sports facilities, a children’s club, a wellness center, shops, and beautiful gardens that have large olive groves.

Before making an investment in a big project, Vasilis Milionis has been in the real estate business for many years. He has some advice that people can follow. Although investors should consider the risks well., real estate is another good investment sector. Demand for real estate, especially second luxury homes in Greece, indicates an increase in demand. Although during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there are unprecedented spikes in activity. According to data qualified leads were up 145% in April and 55% in May compared to last year.

Vasilis Milionis advises to make a second home sale, one must consider knowing their market, whether they are luxurious home buyers, residential buyers, or commercial buyers. Some property marketplaces are also useful to market or promote the second-home asset. When marketing the property, Milionis advises creating catchy headlines to attract customers and complete the property description. The pictures of the property also have an important role in making a property deal. The property seller can add up to 4 to 6 pictures of the property to attract more potential buyers. Milionis also advises promoting to the local marketplace for better impressions.

“Listing your property on travel and lifestyle publication also attracts customers, especially those interested in a luxury property,” said Milionis.

About Vasilis Milionis

Vasilis Milionis is an entrepreneur from Greece. His interest in investing and real estate have made him successful in those sectors. He currently invests in some property projects and tourism, such as 5-star luxury hotel projects and some tourism projects. He also encourages people to invest in profitable stocks and gold.