The Improvement of Real Estate Business During Pandemic

Vasillis Milionis, a property investor and entrepreneur from Greece, explains the real estate market’s current condition during the global pandemic that has been affecting the whole world for almost a year now.

It is such important information so that other investors from other countries can get a new insight. So, they will be able to decide whether they should invest in real estate or not. According to the Greek property investor, almost all sectors, including the real estate sector, have been facing uncertain situations for several months. This indeed brings a significant impact on real estate investment.

Though the real estate market is also negatively affected by the global pandemic, this does not mean that investors should stop investing in real estate and property. The Greek property investor states that the condition in the real estate market is a little bit better. He mentions that real estate sales have risen by 21 percent after the pre-covid phase. The price of houses is even higher than before. One of the reasons for making it possible is that many governments of several countries have applied the new normal condition. People are now allowed to do their activities with strict health protocols.

At the same time, quite many real estate agencies offer special offerings, such as low-interest rates that are purposed to increase sales. The interesting thing is that real estate agencies can get income even quicker because they can sell more pricey houses. Mr. Milionis states that property sales are surprisingly big and fast during this difficult time due to the pandemic. It seems that people do not hold themselves when it comes to low mortgage rates. After all, people still need to find a comfortable living place for themselves and their family, despite global finance’s poor condition.

Vasilis Milionis suggests property agencies use a 3D campaign model in order to promote their properties. This way, clients will be able to see and explore the condition of the property virtually. It can help to increase sales and safe investors at the same time. The Greek entrepreneur encourages people to be creative and optimistic to keep the businesses running during this difficult time. Moreover, property agencies should be able to find effective tricks to keep the real estate sector running. This way, the economy of the country as a whole can survive during the pandemic.