3 Best Investment in Southeast Europe Area Suggested by Vassilis Milionis

The Corona pandemic has negatively affected many aspects of European countries, especially the Southeast Europe area. Countries are suffering from the sudden change caused by this situation, which also affects their economy. However, good news has come for the countries in this area. The EU has planned to provide a substantial incentive for the affected countries to recover from the crisis. According to Vassilis Milionis, an expert in real estate, finance, and investment, this is a good sign for the investor to enter and put their money along with the plan. The question is which asset can be considered the best investment for the Southeast Europe area.

First of all, the EU will focus the funding for the recovery process of digital and physical infrastructure restoration. Therefore, this is also the best sector for investment. The needs and demands of the digital product and service have increased significantly, as people are still limited to traveling and even leaving their house during a pandemic. It creates a profitable opportunity for businesses in this sector to grow bigger. With the EU funding for Southeast European countries, this field could experience a massive expansion in the next two or three years. When the investment enters as early as next year, the investor will receive the benefits from it in the next couple more years.

However, Vasilis Milionis also added that real estate or property products are still a hot asset to pay more attention to its development. During the pandemic year, 2020, there was some fluctuation of its value on the market. Many countries in Southeast Europe also use their funds to recover the more significant sector affected by the pandemic. But, the demand for the property is still high, similar to before. Therefore, this sector is also something that all investors who want to invest in this area must consider.

The last sector that is also recommended by Milionis is the aviation stock. With many promising results from several companies for the COVID vaccine, the aviation stock increased significantly, showing the trust and prospect that this field will return to its normal condition. Overall, those three sectors will hold an essential role in developing the Southeast European countries, which also become a promising sector where the investment can flourish in the future and produce a good number of profits.